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Graduate degrees offered

  • Master of Arts in Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Transition to Teaching Program

Admission and Applying

Information on admission and applying are listed here.

Degree Requirements


A minimum of 32 credit hours is required for graduation. One-half of the credit hours must be in courses numbered 600 or above. The student who elects the master of arts program must complete a master’s thesis (699—6 hours.).

Computer Science

The current MS program for Computer Science is listed in the official university catalog. The program is under current revision. The proposed new program is listed here. That link will be kept up to date as the revision goes through the revision and proposal process. Current students can choose to complete the current program or the revised program. New students should plan to complete the requirements of the new program.

New MS program - Academic and Professional tracks. New grad students should choose whether they plan to pursue the Academic Track or Professional Track. The academic track is more challenging and geared towards systems, theory, and algorithms. If someone wants to do a PhD eventually or land certain types of jobs, they should choose the academic track. But not everyone has the background to succeed in that track. The professional track is more flexible and geared towards skills and applications. We start most people in the professional track by default, and will suggest a switch to the academic track if someone is one of the top students and shows an interest in systems and theory. If someone wants to start out in the academic track they need to talk to Jeff Kinne ( to figure out whether tha tis the best fit for you or not.

Continuing ISU Students. If you received your undergraduate CS degree from ISU and are continuing for the master's degree, get in touch with one of the CS faculty about which classes to sign up for.

Note - the courses which new students should take in the spring of 2016 is being worked out. A message will be sent out when the recommended set of courses is set. The below is old and deals with students who started in Fall 2015.
For those starting at ISU in Fall 2015, please sign up for the following courses.
Fall 2015 courses for Professional track: CS 559-002 Adv Top Comput Sci (Programming fundamentals), CS 650-002 Topics in Computer Science (Concrete Mathematics), and CS 650-003 Topics in Computer Science (Web Programming and Aplications).
Fall 2015 courses for Academic track: choose 2 from CS 520 Theory of Computing, 558 Algorithms, 621 Advanced Discrete Structures; choose 1 remaining elective. If you are attempting the academic track from a non-traditional background, get in touch with your advisor to determine which courses to take.

Courseload limit. The normal courseload for master's students is 9 credit hours per semester (fall and spring); this is 3 courses since the courses in the program are each 3 hours. Some students choose to enroll for 12 hours in some semesters due to scheduling constraints. We do not generally recommend this, especially for students who are also working part time. Moreover, for students in their first semester at ISU or who are on academic probation, the department policy is that these students should register for only 9 hours.

Applying for Graduation. See for instructions on applying for graduation. One form that is required that is not listed there is a "plan of study" that lists courses taken for the degree. For the plan of study, please download and fill out the following document, and have it signed by your advisor:

Mathematics and Computer Science Transition to Teaching Program

Students wishing to obtain Initial Teacher Licensure at the graduate level should consult the appropriate section of the Catalog dealing with post-baccalaureate non-degree licensure for secondary teachers (See College of Education, Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology).