Current Teaching


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-Calculus II (Math 132)

-Statistics (Math 241)

-Group Theory (Math 650)



Past Teaching

-Calculus, Applied Linear Algebra, Number Theory and Application, Real Analysis, Commutative Algebra, 2018-2020 at ISU

-Math 2110 Multivariable Calculus; Spring 2018, Summer 2017, Spring 2017 at UConn

-Math 2710 Transition to Advanced Math; Spring 2018

-Math 2210 Applied Linear Algebra; Spring 2017, Fall 2016

-Math 2360 Geometry; Spring 2017

-Math 1060 Precalculus; Fall 2016

-Math 3240 Introduction to Number Theory; Fall 2016

-Graduate Course for Engineer, Matrix Theory, Statistics and Data Analysis; Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 at UNH

-Caclulus III; Spring 2016 at UNH

-Differential Equations; Fall 2015 at UNH

-Linear Algebra; Spring 2016

-Analytic theory of automorphic forms and L-functions on GL(n,R); Spring 2015 at Yale

-Introduction to Selberg Trace Formula; Spring 2014 at Yale

-Introduction to Quantum Unique Ergodicity; Spring 2013 at Yale

-Calulus I, II, Fall 2012-2014 at Yale

-Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Math for Liberal Arts, Calculus I, II, Fall 2009, Spring 2010 at ECSU